The Care UK Self Pay Four Week Guarantee

At Care UK, we believe our patients should receive high quality healthcare, fast. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce the Four Week Guarantee exclusively to our self pay patients that require total hip or knee replacements.

Take life off pause.
With our Four Week Guarantee, you’ll be back on your feet in no time – speak to one of our friendly Private Patient Sales Advisors on 0330 053 6443 today.

What is the Four Week Guarantee?

The Four Week Guarantee is just that – you will be treated and on the road to recovery within four weeks.

We guarantee that if you choose to pay for hip or knee replacement surgery at Barlborough Treatment Centre, you will be treated within four weeks of attending your pre-operative assessment.

However if we are unable to treat you within four weeks, you will receive a 10% discount on the cost of your treatment – subject to terms and conditions. That’s our price promise.

Click here for the terms and conditions of the Care UK Self Pay 4 Week Guarantee

The Four Week Guarantee only applies to hip or knee replacement surgeries taking place at Care UK’s Barlborough Treatment Centre.Care UK guarantees that your hip, full or partial knee replacement surgery will take place within four weeks from the date of attending the consultation where a decision to treat has been agreed by you signing a consent form. This 4 Week Guarantee applies to surgery taking place in the treatment centre where the original consultation/booking was made. In the event that Care UK is unable to uphold the guarantee of a four week turn-around for a hip, full or partial knee replacement, you will be eligible for a 10% refund on the cost of the surgery.

This refund will not be applicable under any of the following circumstances:

  • You decline a treatment date offered within the 4 week period
  • You are not well enough for surgery after having been assessed by the surgeon on the day of treatment
  • You are not able to proceed with surgery on the day of treatment due to your own circumstances, whether such circumstances are foreseen or not
  • On the balance of risk and benefit a clinical decision is made not to go ahead with planned procedure and a full refund issued
  • We are unable to obtain the appropriate medical information required from an external party to proceed with the operation in the four week time frame
  • The operation cannot be performed due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances arising which are beyond the control of Care UK
  • Full payment in advance of treatment has not been made with sufficient time to clear before surgery (7 working days for cheques to clear before the date of surgery)
  • A 10% refund will be repayable to you within 30 days of completion of the surgery. That refund will be issued by the same means as the original payment e.g BACS/Cheque/Card
  • If you are taking medications that need to be stopped more than 4 weeks in advance prior to treatment e.g HRT medication

For more information please call our Private Patient Sales Advisors on 0330 053 6443 or fill in the Four Week Guarantee enquiry form.

6 simple steps to get you back on track

Step 1:
Get in touch with us

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any questions you might have, and explain our self pay solution to you before you start. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need.

Step 2:
Get your referral

Before you come to see us, speak to your GP or other healthcare professional (dentist, optometrist or physio, for example) and ask for an open referral letter.

Step 3:
Book your appointment

Once you have decided you would like to pay for your treatment, we can arrange your first consultation. Our initial consultation fee is £95.

Step 4:
Meet your consultant

Your specialist will discuss treatment options with you and explain any diagnostic tests you might need as part of your individual care package.

Step 5:
Book your treatment

After you sign the consent form for treatment, you will be given a date for your surgery within four weeks’ time. Payment is made before you start your treatment.

Step 6:
Get your life back on track

We’ll take care of the rest, leaving you to focus on treatment and recovery while our professional medical teams deliver your personalised care.