Knee operation gives Diane her green-fingers back

An accidental twist of the knee left keen gardener and walker Diane Brocklesby in agony but, thanks to keyhole surgery at Care UK’s Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, she’s once again enjoying her garden.

Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre - Knee operation green-fingers back“Painful is the word,” she recalls. “It was agony. I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg, let alone get down to work in the garden. We walk a lot and we had taken our caravan to Robin Hood’s Bay, which we love, but we had to use taxis or buses to go anywhere as I just could not walk any distance at all.

“I was taking very strong pain killers and I just couldn’t sleep. My doctor sent me for an MRI scan and that revealed a torn cartilage and a knee that was filling with fluid. My husband had treatment at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre and we were so impressed with the centre and the treatment he received that we always said we would use it again. So I asked my GP to refer me there.”

Diane was assessed by the centre’s orthopaedic team and it was decided to carry out an arthroscopy. An arthroscopy involves the use of a device called an arthroscope to examine the joints. An arthroscope is a thin, metal tube, about the length and width of a straw that contains a light and a camera. Images are sent from it to a video screen so the surgeon is able to see inside the joint. Tiny surgical instruments can then be used alongside the arthroscope to allow the surgeon to treat certain joint conditions.

She was amazed at the results:

“I had one pain killer after the operation and then didn’t need any more. I have a very long garden and I’ve been out mowing the lawn, weeding and pruning. I was stunned when I had the stitches out, two weeks after surgery, and the scarring is minimal; you could barely see it.”