Hip operation sees remarkable lady head back to the pool

The thought of undergoing a full hip replacement at the age of 80 might cause anxiety. For someone who is registered blind that anxiety might be even greater.Barlborough-NHS-Treatment-Centre - hip-operation

But for Mrs Doreen Taylor of Newton, near Alfreton, her recovery from surgery at Care UK’s Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre was rapidly followed by planning walks and regular trips to the swimming pool.

Doreen became visually impaired at the age of three; following a brain tumour in 1982, which required the removal of her pituitary gland, she became registered blind.

She said:

“I have always been active. With my guide dog Demi I love walking in the Derbyshire countryside and I also swim at the Sharley Park Leisure Centre in Clay Cross with the support of a guide swimmer.

But Doreen had been troubled by a pain in her right leg that grew continually worse. She explained:

“My physiotherapist realised that the pain in my knee actually stemmed from my hip. My GP referred me for an MRI scan that revealed osteoarthritis.

“The pain had become so bad I could no longer swim lengths, as I couldn’t hold my legs up in the water. I also struggled to take Demi for anything but the shortest walks.”

Doreen decided to have her hip surgery at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre. She said:

“Everyone was just wonderful, even to Demi who came for my assessment. I couldn’t have wished for any better. When I went in for my surgery I was surprised at how relaxed I was, which is remarkable given that I couldn’t see my environment at all.”

Doreen spent three nights at the centre in Chesterfield. She added:

“I slept well and the food was excellent. All the nurses were very kind and considerate and I couldn’t have wanted for anything more.”

She’s now building up to longer walks, which she says Demi is looking forward to, and she’s looking once again ploughing up and down the pool with her swimming partner:

“I would like to thank everyone at the treatment centre for making what could have been a very stressful experience so smooth, relaxing and successful.”

Hospital director Steve Booker said:

“We were delighted to be able to carry out Mrs Taylor’s hip replacement and we’re even more delighted that she felt so happy and relaxed.

We wanted to ensure her return home went as smoothly as her surgery, so our rehabilitation and discharge co-ordinators did an extensive home visit. They adapted the perching stools, so she knew which was the back and front, as the stools don’t have backs and they slope so she may have slipped off without the adaptation. They also worked with Mrs Taylor to rearrange her furniture so she had the correct chair to sit on.

She’s a lady who has worked to maintain her health and wellbeing and we’re pleased that the surgery will enable her to take up her much-loved activities again.”